Annual Pest Control and Termite Inspection


Annual pest control is an important part of property maintenance. Even the brand new and loveliest house can turn into a nightmare if it gets infested with cockroaches or rodents. You definitely need some help if you want to return your house to a comfortable condition. Unfortunately, most traditional general pest control procedures cause their own set of problems. In Pest Defeat we have exchanged blind massive spraying with a targeted pest management using new advances technologies in pest control industry. 

Did you know that termite invasion is a common threat to all mainland Australian homes?  In fact, it is estimated that 34% of homes are infested with termites right now! Having your home inspected by a Professional Pest Manager is the first step to ensuring your home is termite-free.  Keeping it termite-free is the next step.

We strongly recommend using new technology to protect your house and investment property.  Sentricon AlwaysActive is a revolutionary product for the Australian market.  It combines the best aspects of the traditional chemical barrier and wooden monitoring systems, without any of the drawbacks.  Like a chemical barrier, it is effective from the moment of installation.  Like a monitoring system, it can easily accommodate house extensions and renovations, landscaping and tree roots and even the family dogs’ delight in digging! Please contact us if you need further information about this technology.

We use pet and kid friendly insecticides that have no negative impact on the environment. In all services we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied from our services. 

Our pest control technicians inspect your property to find any sign of infestation because sometimes you are not aware of the presence of these unwanted nocturnal gusts in your house. We will build secure barriers inside your house as well as provide you with tips and guidance in keeping your property safe from pests in the future. Pest Defeat, the cheapest Pest Control in Brisbane, offers extended warranty and a 100% satisfaction Guarantee on all of our services. We want to work with you to create a secure and pest free environment for you and your family.

Professional Pest control Service 
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