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There are many reasons why we consider rodents to be pests. Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. These diseases can spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent. The primary strategy for preventing human exposure to rodent diseases is effective rodent control in and around the home. Please contact us when you see the first sign of their activity in your household. We always give prioritized appointment to our customer with rodent infestation problem and consider their appointment as emergency service. 

First thing you need to do after finding this unwanted gust in your property is eliminating any food and water sources from their access. Take look at your household environment and take steps to prevent rodent entry by sealing up any holes inside and outside of your property. Remove places of shelter that might attract rats and mice. Consider all the areas in the home that rodents typically invade the roof, under the house, kitchen and bathrooms. And don’t forget sheds and garages. In our standard Rodent Control service, we use lockable bait stations around the property where we found rodent activity. These stations are safe to use even in areas where children or pets may be present. The rat/mice bait or rodenticide contained within the device is only accessible to rats/mice and offers an effective solution to your rodent problem. We also treat the roof cavity with Contrac Blox® to manage any inside infestation, if necessary.

This product is an anti-coagulant which means once the mice eat this product they begin to bleed to death from the inside.  The mice first become sick, and then grow tired and pass in their sleep. Usually, the sign of activity should completely disappear or significantly decrease after 2 weeks from initial treatment. In some cases, due to high level of infestation or serious rodent issue in the neighborhood additional bait replacement is necessary.

In Pest Defeat we are committed to use the best products in the market. Contrac Blox® protects your house from any rodent infestation for almost a year. The active ingredient within the product would most likely stay effective longer then one year but the food ingredients or the attractants will start to degrade and will no longer be attractive to rodents. Although many manufacturing companies claim that some rodenticides will make a rodent exit the building after they eat the bait, leave in search of water or dry up immediately after death but there is no scientific proof or evidence for this claim.

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